COVID-19 Updates - Return to Learn


Ponca City Public Schools has created general and detailed Return to Learn procedures for all sites and departments that include layers of levels of mitigation that include mandatory face-covering requirements for all staff and students, physical distancing, hygiene, and disinfection protocols.   We will actively work with the Kay County Health Department to participate in contact tracing for the inevitable COVID-19 cases we will experience this school year among students and staff due to exposure that might occur both off and on-campus. 

In addition to our school nurses, the District has contact tracers who have already completed hours of training from Johns Hopkins University.  The contact tracers or our nurses will interview any students or staff members who report testing positive for COVID-19 or having close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.  The contact tracers will work with site staff as needed to identify any close contacts on campus so that appropriate self-quarantines can be instituted and tracked and so that affected areas or vehicles are closed until deep cleanings are completed.

The district is committed to transparency with procedures while protecting student and staff privacy. Privacy is important for our Wildcat families and we also want to ensure this privacy is maintained to encourage everyone to report positive cases.  Our procedures are publicly available, , as are our current tallies of quarantines and isolations currently in effect.  We appreciate the grace, patience, and support of our Wildcat families this school year.  We will as a team with our families to ensure we keep our students, staff, and community as healthy as possible.   

FAQS - Quarantine and Isolation 

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January 17, 2021
This is an important letter from Superintendent Shelley Arrott regarding the Governor's new COVID-19 quarantine guidance.


year in the past. The upcoming school year is likely to include short-term disruptions to instruction in response to COVID-19. As a result, it is imperative that schools now consider adjustments and