Positive Cases and Contact Tracing

Positive Cases and Contact Tracing

  • If a student tests positive for an active case of COVID-19, parents must report to the site principals so isolation is ensured and for school-related contact tracing and disinfection procedures. No personally identifying information is to be released about the student by a contact tracer in order to protect student and family privacy and encourage people to report positive tests.
  • Whenever a district staff member tests positive for an active case of COVID-19, they must report that to their supervisor for the same reasons.

Contact Tracing:  Site principals will notify contact tracers or school nurses.  

  • The date the sample was taken that later tested positive for COVID-19.
  • The date on which any COVID-19 signs or symptoms developed.

That information is used to determine an individual's infectious period so that the contact tracer can then ask about:

  1. Locations and any school vehicles that should be closed until they are deep cleaned.
  2. Help identifying anyone the person was in close contact with on a school campus during that period. The district definition of close contact comes from the CDC:
    • Being within 6 feet of someone for at least 15 minutes
    • Direct physical contact (hugging or kissing)
    • Sharing eating or drinking utensils
    • Sneezing, coughing, or getting respiratory droplets on another person

3.  The contact tracer can also consult relevant seating charts, class rosters, and other references to identify any students or staff who were close contacts.

Close Contacts Must Self-Quarantine:

Contact tracers calculate the appropriate self-quarantine during which close contacts are not allowed on campus but instead should stay home and self-monitor for symptoms.  Contact tracers then reach out to all school-related close contacts to notify them of the self-quarantine period and procedures.

Isolation for Positive Cases:

A person who tests positive must isolate and will not be allowed back onto school property until at least 10 days after their positive test OR the onset of their symptoms. Even then, they must have 24 hours with no fever (and no fever-reducing medicine) AND improvement in their symptoms.  If a positive student's entire class had to be self-quarantined, the student will not be allowed back until the quarantine for that class is completed, which can sometimes be after the student's isolation has ended.

People who live with a person under isolation must typically self-quarantine for the entire isolation period AND then self-quarantine for an additional 14 days. School contact tracers can calculate and share the likely date such an extended quarantine would end for family members.

Distance Learning:

Students are expected to engage via Distance Learning while under self-quarantine or isolation UNLESS they are ill.

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