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Athletic Staff Directory

Title First Name Last Name Email Address
Athletics Staff Athletic Director Jason Leavitt [email protected]
Asst Athletic Dir Stoney Parks [email protected]
Secretary Rebecca Crosby [email protected]
Baseball Head Coach Grant Middlebrooks [email protected]
Asst Coach Kyle Abblitt [email protected]
Asst Coach Cody  Campbell [email protected]
Asst Coach Cory Burkett [email protected]
9th Coach Jerad Warlick [email protected]
Basketball Boys Head Coach Ivan McFarlin [email protected]
Boys Asst Coach Ben Lutz [email protected]
Boys Asst Coach Brad  Parent [email protected]
9th Boys Coach Jacob Birnbaum [email protected]
8th Boys Coach Kenneth Ostler [email protected]
8th Boys Asst Sam Barron [email protected]
7th Boys Coach Corey Fincher [email protected]
7th Boys Asst Victor Others [email protected]
Girls Head Coach Jody Fincher [email protected]
Girls Asst Coach Mica Havens [email protected]
Girls Asst Coach Alan Monks [email protected]
9th Girls Coach Caden Mercer [email protected]
8th Girls Coach Lynn Collenback [email protected]
8th Girls Asst Lynnette Guess [email protected]
7th Girls Coach Sara Bell [email protected]
7th Girls Asst Sherri Laughlin [email protected]
Cheer Head Coach Amie  Huster [email protected]
Asst Coach Kelly Bales [email protected]
JH Coach Ashtin Graham [email protected]
Cross Country Head Coach Wendy  Landes [email protected]
Asst Coach Sam Barron [email protected]
Asst Coach Victor Others [email protected]
Asst Coach Ashley Campbell [email protected]
Football Head Coach Scott Harmon [email protected]
Asst Head Coach Mike Nordquist [email protected]
Asst Coach Jared Green [email protected]
Asst Coach Casey Love [email protected]
Asst Coach Steve McHenry [email protected]
Asst Coach Justin Roland [email protected]
Asst Coach Cody Campbell [email protected]
Asst Coach Brad Parent [email protected]
9th Gr Coordinator Taner Williams [email protected]
9th Grade Asst Jason  Freeman [email protected]
9th Grade Asst Corey Fincher [email protected]
8th Coordinator Ben  Lutz [email protected]
8th Grade Asst Cory  Burkett [email protected]
7th Grade Asst Jesse  Leigh [email protected]
7th Grade Asst Robert Mellinger [email protected]
7th Grade Asst Ryan Taylor [email protected]
Golf Boys Head Coach Taner Williams [email protected]
Boys JH Coach Josh Swain [email protected]
Girls Head Coach Wendy Landes [email protected]
Girls JH Coach Jeneva Nelson [email protected]
Soccer Boys Head Coach Ben Steichen [email protected]
Boys Asst Coach Jeremy Kimbrel [email protected]
Boys Asst Coach Troy Mitchell [email protected]
Girls Head Coach Mike Arnold [email protected]
Girls Asst Coach Shelby Cox [email protected]
Softball Head Coach Jeneva Nelson [email protected]
Asst Coach Chad Bodenstein [email protected]
Asst Coach Fae Rabb [email protected]
JH Coach Troy Mitchell [email protected]
JH Asst Coach Fallon Dean [email protected]
Swimming Head Coach Heather Harris [email protected] / [email protected]
Asst Coach Derek Taylor [email protected]
Tennis Boys Coach Brad Larimer [email protected]
Girls Coach Larry Williams [email protected]
Asst Coach Ben Lutz [email protected]
Asst Coach Lynne Collenback [email protected]
Girls JH Coach Jon Robinson [email protected]
All Tennis Asst Carly Parks [email protected]
Track Boys Head Coach Steve  McHenry [email protected]
Girls Head Coach Brad Parent [email protected]
Asst Coach Jason Freeman [email protected]
Asst Coach Jared Green [email protected]
Asst Coach Mica Havens [email protected]
Asst Coach Victor Others [email protected]
JH Coach Kwanza  Bonhert [email protected]
JH Coach Sam Barron [email protected]
Volleyball Head Coach Jennie Hinterreiter [email protected]
Asst Coach Carly Parks [email protected]
9th Grade Coach Stoney Parks [email protected]
8th Grade Coach Kwanza Bohnert [email protected]
8th Grade Asst Tawna Scantlin [email protected]
Wrestling Head Coach Boys Justin Roland [email protected]
Asst Coach Josh  Sublett [email protected]
Asst Coach Richard Agee [email protected]
Asst Coach Ryan Taylor [email protected]
JH Coach Cory Burkett [email protected]
Head Coach Girls Karissa Avallone [email protected]
Asst Coach Girls Tony Arbona [email protected]
Strength & Cond
Miguel Wickert [email protected]
Athletic Trainer Kylee Jackson [email protected]

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