COVID-19 Resources for PCPS

COVID-19 Resources for PCPS

Leave Summary Related to COVID-19 - Summary or Leave related to COVID-19 with FAQ.

COVID-19 Emergency Sick or Extended FMLA Form - The EPLSA and/or EFMLEA provides paid sick leave to a district employee with a qualifying COVID-19 need under certain specified circumstances when an employee is unable to work or telework (if applicable) Return completed form to HR.

Return to Work Attestation Form - In an effort to protect our employees, students and patrons and to promote a safe work environment, this form must be printed and completed upon returning to work after travel, potential exposure or symptoms. Return completed form to HR.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act - FFCRA 

PROTECTING YOURSELF During Covid 19 Pandemic

Quick Tip Poster Family First Corona Act

Quick Tip Poster FFCRA

When can I be around others?

PCPS COVID Contact Flow Chart