E.M. Trout History

  • E.M. Trout History

    Our school was named for Ernest Merrill Trout, who served on the Ponca City Board of Education beginning in 1929. He was the president of the board from 1931 until he retired in 1965 after 34 years of service! When E. M. Trout Elementary was built, Mr. Trout did not know that the other board members intended for the new school to be named after him. Mr. Trout was very surprised that his colleagues wanted to name the newly constructed school in honor of his hard work and dedication on behalf of the teachers and students of Ponca City. We at E.M. Trout Elementary School are proud to attend and work at a school named for such a generous and caring man.

School Song

  • School Song

    Hey everybody---give a great big shout!
    For our dear grade school, E.M. Trout.
    We come here to study, work, and learn each day.
    We proudly salute the red and the gray.
    Each day brings opportunities to grow,
    As we discover things that we should know.
    We lift up your name, everybody proclaim! Oh it's,
    E.M. Trout, E.M. Trout, Trout School! It's for me!

School Creed


    School Creed

    I am a capable and dependable student, full of possibilities and potential. There is no limit to what I can achieve. I must start today to prepare for my future by seizing every opportunity to learn. I will work hard and use my time wisely. I will practice the values of good citizenship. I accept responsibility for my behavior and its results. I do not have the right to interfere with the learning and well being of others. I will use this day to the fullest. I can proudly stand up and exclaim – I will take the challenge.