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  • Welcomto Ponca City Public School District’s new website that has been redesigned for improvecommunication and collaboration. All district teachers, staff members and department sites have been migrated to the new system.
    One of the first things you will notice is easier navigation and a uniform look and feel – whether you are at a district or school site. The navigation is consistent throughout the new website, so you will be able to find information more quickly and, in many cases, fewer clicks. Our new site has been optimized to access from smartphones or tablets, meaning you can get the information you need on the go.
    Ponca City School’s new website will bring students, parents and community members news and information in a more 
    concise, consistent fashion. 
    Were confident youll finthe new website easier to use anfind thinformation important to you.
    Be on the lookout for a brand new Mobile Communications App that the district will launch in late summer. The new app will be available for both iPhone and Android smartphones and will deliver real time school news to a smartphone for fast, up-to-date access. It will be designed to keep our families better informed and connected to what’s going on in our schools.
    Look around. Here are somlinks to resources that can help you get started:

BbWCM Help Links

  • Blackboard Web Community Manager


    Just a note to let you know that you're already in the system, you don't need to Register!

     Login Help:

    1. - First thing to do is to go to your school's teacher sites and see if they are listed with a classroom.   
    2. - If they are, check that the email address for them is correct.
    3. - If it's not, or is incorrect, let me know and I will change it there and in the user files.
    4. - Then they should try to login again, after I confirm the changes to you.
    The usernames don't always coordinate with their school computer logins.    
    User name is the first part of their email address, before the @ symbol.
    If they never logged in before, they will have to use the "forgot password"
    If you have problems, let me know as soon as you can.


    The links below will offer you, in some places, step by step instructions for editing your site, section or page.

    We will add items as time goes by, but you can also use the "How do I...?" tab that shows up in the colored area at the top of your work space in SchoolWires.

    If you're having problems and can't figure out what's going on, please send me an email and I will

    do my best to be of assistance.


    How to work with Forms and Surveys in Blackboard's WCM

  • Reasons Why You Should Become a Registered User


    Here are some things you can only do as a registered user. If Self-Registration is activated for your site, click the Register link and complete the registration wizard.

    1. You can sign up to receive Broadcast E-Alerts from your child’s school and district.
    2. You can subscribe to receive Content E-Alerts from different areas of the website (e.g., Teacher Sections, Athletic Sections, etc.).
    3. You can view restricted information only available to registered users.
    4. You can register for events on the teacher, school, or district calendars.
    5. You can fill out forms & surveys online (one of the features with Forms & Surveys is an option to require users to be logged in to complete the form or survey).
    6. If your district has MyView, you may access and use it.


Contact Me

  • EMail - Barbara Nowlin - PCPS District Website Administrator for BbWCM