What should I do if someone in my family tests positive for an active case of COVID-19?

  • If a staff member or student tests positive, call the school principal and please be prepared to share the date the sample was taken that later tested positive for COVID-19 and the date on which any COVID-19 signs or symptoms developed. You will be connected to a contact tracer who can calculate the isolation and self-quarantine periods and work with you to identify close contacts who will need to self-quarantine.

  • If the person who tests positive is not a student or staff member, everyone who lives with that person should quarantine. Typically, that quarantine would need to last for the 10 days after the positive test or after symptoms developed. If the infected person is cleared from isolation, fellow family members would CONTINUE to self-quarantine for an additional 14 days. Notify the school of any students or staff members who must quarantine and for how long. If needed, a district contact tracer can help calculate the isolation period for an infected person AND the likely length of an extended self-quarantine for the rest of the family members.

How will I know if my child is a close contact?

  • A contact tracer will reach out to you to share that along with the length of the self-quarantine and a form letter with specific guidance.

Can I end quarantine if I get tested and it is negative?

  • A negative test does not end quarantine. The incubation period for the disease ranges from 2-14 days.A person who is a close contact, could not begin to shed the virus until later in the incubation period.

What information will the district release?

  • The district is bound by FERPA, the federal privacy law. So, we cannot release personally identifiable information about any student who is a positive case. This law protects personal and family privacy and thus encourages people to report positive cases to the district. Contact tracers are to notify close contacts of self-quarantines without revealing the identity of the person who tested positive. The district only releases numeric tallies of isolation and quarantine cases for students and staffs at the site level. Please do not pressure contact tracers or other district personnel for the identities of people who have tested positive for COVID-19. The district cannot release that information.

When would a school be closed due to COVID-19?

  • When a school has areas that need deep cleaning and cannot be closed off without affecting school operations, the site may temporarily close. If a school site needed to temporarily close for deep cleaning, the district will send an App Notification and will provide a press release to local media outlets.We will also post on our district website and Facebook page.

When might the entire district go to Distance Learning?

  • The Superintendent’s Cabinet meets regularly and monitors the Oklahoma Department of Health’s COVID-19 Alert Systems Data, student and staff absenteeism, and the district's contact tracing tallies to determine if any large-scale Distance Learning might be needed across a school or the entire district. However, something that could force the district into a widespread closure regardless of the COVID-19 Alert System county level would be if it exhausts its substitute pool such that it cannot adequately staff in-person instruction.


  • Extracurricular activities could be impacted if the county enters the Orange Level 2 or Red Levels or if the members of the activity group need to be quarantined.The precise nature of that impact will likely not be known in advance given the large number of variables.
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