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1. How does online registration work?

Online registration will open July 1. Parents/guardians of student who completed the previous school year with PCPS, must have an account in the PowerSchool Parent Portal to complete online registration for their student(s). Once logged into the Parent Portal (accessed from the PowerSchool link on the district website,, parents/guardians will have the ability to update information for their student(s) including addresses, telephone numbers, emergency contacts and other information. Registration can be completed, although not recommended, on an iPad, iPhone or other SMART device through the Google Chrome app. Registration cannot be completed through the PowerSchool or PCPS App. State and district-required forms must be updated annually for each student enrolled in PCPS.

2. I do not have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account. How do I get one?

It is required that parent/guardians of PCPS students create a Parent Portal account. If you previously created an account and do not remember your username/password, please use the links on the Parent Portal log in page to help you retrieve this information. Contact the Registration Center for assistance if you are unable to retrieve the information.

If you do not have Parent Portal account because you are new to PCPS, please follow the instructions to create an account. Creating an account does not register your student. You will need to go to the Registration Center to complete the process. Please refer to the required documentations list for the documents to take with you.

3. My child attended PCPS during the previous school year, but did not finish. They will be returning for the upcoming school year, but I can't log on with the Parent Portal account that I had previously.

Students who did not finish the previous school year with PCPS are inactive. It is not possible to log in to an inactive account. Parents/guardians will need to go to the Registration Center during summer registration hours to complete registration. It is not recommended that parents create a new Parent Portal account if they had one previously.

4. When does online registration begin?

Online registration will open July 1. If you are required to furnish any required documents, or if you need access to a computer, you will do so at the Registration Center during summer registration hours. Documents can be emailed to [email protected].

5. I do not have a computer. How can I register my student online?

The Registration Center will have computer stations available during summer registration hours and during make-up registration. Additional staff has been hired during summer registration hours to assist if needed.

6. I have a child registered for the upcoming school year; however, I have another child who will be NEW to the district  and who is not registered. Do I need to create another Parent Portal account?

No. You can log into your existing Parent Portal account and "Create a New Student." Keep in mind that with all new students, documentation must be presented to the Registration Center before your child's registration is considered complete.

7. Once I have registered my child online, do I need to go to the Registration Center?

In some cases, yes. You will need to go to the Registration Center:

  • If your student is entering kindergarten through fifth (5th) grade, proof of residence must be provided to the Registration Center before your child is considered registered for the upcoming school year. We do not require proof of residence for students entering grades 6-12.
  • If your child is entering kindergarten or 7th grade, proof of current immunizations must be provided due to the requirement of additional immunizations for these grade levels. A student is not considered registered and will not be assigned a class until required documentation has been presented to the Registration Center. Documents can be sent via email to [email protected]

8. I will be out of town during the dates of registration. What do I need to do to register my child?

Parents/guardians can access the Parent Portal beginning July 1 to register online. If you are not required to provide any documents such as proof of residence or current immunizations, once you complete the online registration process, your child is registered for the upcoming school year. If you are required to provide documents, such as proof of residence or an immunization record, take the required documents to the Registration Center during the summer registration window or you can email them to [email protected]  Your child will not be considered registered for the upcoming school year until those documents are provided.

9. If I pre-registered my PreK student, do I have to complete registration in the summer window?

Parent/guardians who pre-registered their PreK student do not need to take any action.

10. I have turned in an in-district transfer request for my elementary student. Will I know at registration if my transfer has been approved?

No; the elementary transfer meeting will be conducted in early August. After the transfer meeting, site principals will call and inform parents of the status of their transfer request. If you have not registered your student for the current school year the application for transfer will not be considered.

11. My child goes to one of the middle schools/high school. Will I be able to pick up their schedule at registration?

Class schedules for secondary students will not be distributed at the Registration Center. The Registration Center can not make schedule changes. Visit the district website at and click on Enrollment to view the dates and times schedules will be available. Students who have NOT completed the online registration process will NOT be permitted to pick up schedules.

12. I live with someone and do not have a utility bill in my name. How do I show proof of residence?

You and the individual with whom you live will need to sign an address verification form and provide a current utility bill or lease.  The address verification form can be found here.  

13. I have stepchildren in the home. Can I register them?

Only a parent or legal guardian are permitted to complete registration for the student(s).

14. I do not have the required documents. Can I still complete my child's registration?

You can log on to the Parent Portal and begin the online registration process; however, until all required documents have been submitted to the Registration Center, your student is not considered registered for the upcoming school year. Students who are missing required documentation will not be assigned to classes, nor will they be permitted to pick up schedules at the secondary sites. Documents can be emailed to [email protected]

15. My spouse and I are divorced.  Do I need to provide custody/divorce decree to the schools?

Having court-issued custody/divorce decrees on file establishes custodial rights and ensures student safety.

16. My child goes by a name other than their legal name. Can I register my child with this name?

No, school records are legal documents and students must be registered under their legal name.

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