Ponca City Public School - Transfers

A request for transfer into this district initiated by or on behalf of a nonresident student will be approved or refused in accordance with Ponca City Board of Education policy 7.05-4.0 (Open Transfer) and 70 O.S. § 8-103.

In order that any student may be transferred, an application form specified by the State Board of Education must be completed by the parents or person having custody of the student. The application shall be obtained from, and filed with, the Superintendent of the receiving school district. Applications shall be filed no later than May 31 of the preceding school year for which the transfer is desired.

No later than July 15 of the same year, the board of education of the receiving school shall approve or deny applications for transfer and shall notify the parent(s) of the student(s) of the decision.

By August 1 of the same year, the parent of the student shall notify the receiving school district that the student will be enrolling. Failure of the parent to notify the receiving district as required may result in loss of student's right to enroll in the district for that year.

The receiving school district of a student transferred shall notify the resident school district and parents of the student of a cancellation of the transfer. Such notice shall be made by July 15 prior to the school year for which the cancellation is applicable.

In addition to the process provided in Section 8-103 for Open Transfers, students may be transferred on an emergency basis pursuant to 70 O.S. §8-104.

A written application for an emergency transfer, designating the district to which the transfer is desired, shall be made by the parent and filed with the Superintendent of the receiving school district. On an adequate showing of emergency, the Superintendent of the receiving district may make and order a transfer, subject to approval by the State Department of Education. An emergency transfer previously made may be canceled with the concurrence of the board of the receiving district and the parent.


Parents or legal guardians of elementary students requesting an in-district transfer from the student's home attendance site to another elementary site within the district must complete and submit the in-district transfer application between January 1 and May 1 of the school year proceeding the school year in which the in-district transfer is requested. In-district transfer requests will not be granted until after the district fall enrollment of the same year that the transfer is requested. Requests will be granted based upon availability of space and appropriate programs. Transportation of in-district students is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian. If attendance issues occur due to transportation, the transfer may be withdrawn immediately and the student will return to their home school site. Site principals may deny a transfer request or withdraw a current transfer based upon the best interest of a student's academic or social well-being. 

In-District applications must be completed through your PowerSchool Parent Portal account. Please contact your student's current school to give you access to fill out the application. Please do not submit multiple applications. 


For more information on Open, Emergency, and In-district transfers, contact Teri Vogele, Associate Director of Curriculum, at 580-718-3817 or Maureen Dooley, Registration Secretary, at 580-718-3834..

Applications may be picked up at Ponca City Public School's Registration Center, 111 W Grand Ave. between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.